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Civil War Times

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CWDQ.jpg (61567 bytes)The Civil War Diary Quilt.  The Civil War era was a time of great tragedy and triumph, and for a diverse group of women it was a distinctive thread in their lives and their quilting. Quilters and historians alike will appreciate the timeless lessons shared through actual diary entries and 121 related quilt blocks featured in The Civil War Diary Quilt, from Rosemary Youngs, author of the innovative book, The Amish Circle Quilt. This reference incorporates instructions, list of supplies, a photo gallery, and 121 quilt blocks inspired by actual diary entries from 10 women living during the Civil War. Includes 121 full-size quilt block patterns that can also be used to make smaller additional projects.  Click on the title to order.
click on the title to orderCivil War Era Etiquette: Martine's Handbook & Vulgarisms in Conversation
by Arthur Martine, R. L. Shep (Editor) (Paperback - November 1988)
Guidebooks on expected conduct are delightfully insightful. Click on the title for more information.


Civil War Women: Their Quilts ¥ Their Roles ¥ Activities for Re_Enactors Hands-on projects adapted from nineteenth-century quilts are combined with fascinating historical accounts of the period, giving this unusual book its widespread appeal among readers of many interest groups. The Civil War experiences of nine women are profiled-from abolitionist speaker Lucy Stone to freed slave Susie Taylor King to Confederate spy Belle Edmondson. Each woman is matched to a quilt that she might have made herself, as featured in nine projects, each with complete patterns and instructions.Click on the title for more information.
""Everyday Life During the Civil War: A Guide for Writers, Students and Historians (Everyday Life Series)
 From soldiers and statesmen to farmers and firing lines, Everyday Life During the Civil War offers an in-depth exploration of this fascinating era.  Using dozens of illustrations, timelines and maps, the author illuminates the details of Northern and Southern economy; town and country living; food and the impact of war on diet; popular entertainment; clothing; military life; tools and weapons; slang and much more. Click on the title to order.  
click on the title to orderFacts and Fabrications; Unraveling the History of Quilts & Slavery by Barbara Brackman

9 Projects, 20 Blocks, First Person Accounts.  Available December 2006.  Retail $27.95.  Click on the title for more information.

""Quilts from the Civil War: Nine Projects, Historic Notes, Diary Entries  History buffs as well as quilters will enjoy these accounts of quilting-related experiences during the Civil War from women in both the North and the South. Also included are instructions and full-size patterns for nine projects adapted from Civil War quilts, as well as suggestions for using today's reproduction fabrics.  Click on the title to order.  
Quilt that walked to GoldenThe Quilt that Walked to Golden, Women and Quilts in the Mountain West From the Overland Trail to Contemporary Colorado

Best-selling novelist Sandra Dallas recreates from letters, journals, and other historic sources the arduous westward trail for women settling in the hard-scrabble town of Golden, CO. A master storyteller, Dallas captures the spirit of adventure and the drive for survival of America's pioneer women, whose lives are recorded in the quilts they left behind. Describing the transformation of the shanty-mining town into a thriving community, Dallas moves through Depression-era America to the quilting revival of the 1970s and up to the present day.  Click on the title for more information.

Southern Quilts : Surviving Relics of the Civil WarSouthern Quilts : Surviving Relics of the Civil War
by Bets Ramsey (Author), Merikay Waldvogel (Author) (Paperback - July 1998)
Combines stories of southern women with beautiful photographs of original quilts. Rich photographs and oral histories of 29 Southern quilts that survived the Civil War offer perspectives on life in the South during the most turbulent time in American history. Included is the Confederate Cradle Quilt – a work of red and white silk and black velvet made by Mrs. Robert E. Lee, Mrs. Jefferson Davis, and friends in 1863 in Richmond, Virginia Alabama.  The Gunboat Quilt – an appliquéd, embroidered, and stuffed quilt produced and sold as part of a campaign to raise funds to build Confederate gunboats.  Irish Chain with Appliqué – a prewar quilt given to a wounded Northern soldier by a kindly Southern Lady who nursed him back to health  Click on the title to order.  

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