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No Dragons on my quiltNo Dragons on My Quilt
by Jean Ray Laury. When Benjamin is afraid to go to bed by himself, he is comforted by the special quilt his grandmother makes for him. Includes instructions and patterns for making the quilt featured in the story.  Click on the title for more information.
The Keeping QuiltThe Keeping Quilt
by Patricia Polacco.  "We will make a quilt to help us always remember home," Anna's mother said. "It will be like heaving the family in back home Russia dance around us at night."  And so it was. From a basket of old clothes, Anna's babushka, Uncle Vladimir's shirt, Aunt Havalah's nightdress and an apron of Aunt Natasha's become The Keeping Quilt, passed along from mother to daughter for almost a century. Click on the title for more information. 

Luka's QuiltLuka's Quilt
by Georgia Guback Luka and her grandmother Tutu are best friends until Luka shows her disappointment at the traditional Hawaiian quilt that Tutu makes for her. Tutu is hurt, Luka is upset, and things just aren't the same anymore. But when Lei Day comes, the two set aside there differences to enjoy the holiday.  Click on the title for more information.

The Patchwork QuiltThe Patchwork Quilt
by Valerie Flournoy, Tanya loves listening to her grandmother talk about the quilt she is making from pieces of colorful fabric from the family clothes. When Grandma becomes ill, Tanya decides to finish Grandma's masterpiece with the help of her family.  Click on the title for more information.
The QuiltThe Quilt
by Ann Jonas.  A small African-American girl is overjoyed with the new patchwork quilt her parents have made. As she sleeps, it comes alive, turning into a fantastical dreamscape she must enter in order to find her beloved stuffed dog.  Click on the title for more information.
The Quilt StoryThe Quilt Story
by Tony Johnston, Tomie dePaola.  A quilt that provides warmth, fun, and comfort to two different generations is the star of this rich picture book. Click on the title for more information.
A Quilt for BabyA Quilt for Baby.
As a mother sews, she talks to her baby about the quilt she is making. Stitched into the squares are pictures representing their farm, including many baby animals: puppy, lamb, calf, foal, chick, gosling, kid, and kitten. After she finishes the quilt, the mother wraps her baby in it and quietly recapitulates the pictures appliqued onto it. The baby falls asleep. The rhythmic text flows along in a soothing way, making this a good, soporific story for bedtime. A typical spread in this large-format picture book features a big picture showing a scene in the house or around the farm and, on the opposite page, a smaller picture of a quilt square representing the same subject.  Click on the title for more information.
Reuben and the Amish QuiltReuben and the Quilt
by P. Buckley Moss  Reuben was ducking strawberries in the truckpatch when his dad got the idea about making a quilt. The whole family would help (even Sadie, who threw the plump red berries). They would make it as beautiful as possible. Then they would sell it at the auction to raise money for an operation needed by their neighbor on the next farm. But the colorful Log Cabin quilt disappears before they have a chance to give it away. This hearty Amish family faces a new adventure!  Click on the title for more information.
Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon QuiltSam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt
by Lisa Campbell Ernst  In turn-of-the-century Rosedale, a quilting farmer is an unacceptable oddity, so Sam Johnson challenges the women in the town to a blue-ribbon quilting contest to set matters right.  Click on the title for more information. 
Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt     Clara, a resourceful young slave girl, creates a patchwork quilt that--unknown to the white masters of her plantation--serves as a map of the land that points the way to freedom along the Underground Railroad, in this fictional story for young adults.  Click on the title of this fictional book  to order.

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