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Quilt Fiction and Mysteries

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Susan Whittig Albert

  • Thyme of Death: A China Bayles Mystery   Herb shop owner China Bayles looks with suspicion upon the friendly faces of quaint Pecan Springs when her friend dies.  

  • Witches' Bane Pecan Springs is in the throes of a witch hunt as sacrificial artifacts appear and the wife of a local developer  is murdered.

  • Rueful Death: A China Bayles Mystery  China solves a mystery at the St. Theresa's monastery in West Texas.

  • Hangman's Root When her animal rights activist friend, is held for questioning in a murder, it is up to China to find out who the true killer really is. 

  • Rosemary Remembered  China is determined to find who killed her accountant Rosemary Robbins

  • Love Lies Bleeding: A China Bayles Mystery    China Bayles investigates the mystery of retired Texas Ranger shot dead with his wife's gun. 

  • Chile Death: A China Bayles Mystery Chile is the pepper; chili  is the spicy stew made with it. China investigates who killed one of the judges of the annual Cedar Choppers Chili Cook-off 

  • Lavender Lies: A China Bayles Mystery Just before herbalist China Bayles' and police chief Mike McQuaid's wedding in Pecan Springs, Texas, the town is rocked by the murder of a greedy developer.

  • Mistletoe Man  China Bayles herb shop, Thyme and Seasons, adds a tea room--named Thyme for Tea.   Unfortunately, their main supplier of Mistletoe is murdered.

  • Bloodroot  A frantic phone call from her mother sends China flying to her side at Jordan's Crossing, a Mississippi plantation, where a stranger with a disruptive secret has mysteriously disappeared.  

  • Indigo Dying  Indigo Texas experiences a revival as artists flock to the countryside.  When a longtime resident winds up dead after deciding to sell his mining rights, China investigates

  • A Dilly of a Death  Phoebe the Pickle Queen, owner of the biggest little pickle business in Texas says her plant manager is embezzling, disappears  just days before the annual Picklefest.

  • An Unthymely Death  Join China Bayles in ten puzzling cases-and get a taste of her world. Loads of wonderful herbal tidbits,  recipes  and a host of creative ideas for garden and home.

Jennifer Chiaverini

  • The Quilter's Apprentice After moving  to the small college town, Sarah McClure struggles to find a fulfilling job while helping seventy-five-year-old Sylvia Compson prepare her family estate for sale. 

  • Round Robin : An Elm Creek Quilts Novel Round Robin reunites quilters with the Elm Creek Quilters in this poignant and heartwarming story.

  • The Cross Country Quilters Five women from across the country meet during a visit to quilt camp. Craft and crises intertwine as each woman reveals her private tale of family conflict, marital woes and health concerns.

  • An Elm Creek Quilts Sampler: The First Three Novels in the Popular Series (Elm Creek Quilters Novels)

  • The Runaway Quilt: an Elm Creek Quilts Novel.  Mrs Compson faces family mystery found in the stitches of a quilt.

  • The Quilter's Legacy.  When precious heirloom quilts hand-stitched by her mother turn up missing Mrs Compson resolves to find them. 

  • The Master Quilter  Quilters resolve their own personal problems as they create a bridal quilt for newlywed Syvia Compson Cooper.


Sandra Dallas


Monica Ferris
  • Crewel World  Newly divorced, Betsy Devonshire takes over her sister Margots needlework shop after her sister is murdered.
  • Framed in Lace   Betsy Devonshire is starting to feel comfortable in her new hometown until the skeleton of a murdered woman is found on an boat sunk in 1949 and her friends look to her to solve the mystery
  • A Stitch in Time  Betsy Devonshire, the new owner of The Crewel World, has suddenly become the victim of a series of nasty accidents
  • Unraveled Sleeve  Betsy Devonshire has been having some very vivid nightmares. And when she dreams of a murder before it happens, she really isn't going to get any rest until she untangles the crime.
  • A Murderous Yarn  At this year's antique car race, one of the drivers never makes it to the finish line. His car is found in flames, and Betsy and her friends must pin down a suspect.
  • Cutwork  After an artisan is murdered at the art fair, everyone is on pins and needles. It's up to needlework shop owner Betsy Devonshire to figure out who had designs on the dead designer.
  • Hanging by a Thread  Betsy solves a  five-year-old double murder.

  • Crewel Yule  Betsy prepares for a chilling holiday season filled with mistletoe-and murder.

Earlene Fowler

  • Fool's Puzzle  Folk Arts Museum and Artists Co-op curator and quilter Benni Harper debuts in Fowler's neat little mystery set in the central California community of San Celina. 

  • Irish Chain  Probing the death of the San Celina Senior Citizen Prom king, Benni uncovers the victim's fifty-year-old affiliation with a World War II Japanese blackmailing ring. 

  • Kansas Troubles Benni finds herself up to her Stetson in murder as a local  country singer is killed.  Benni's sharp eye for quilt patterns provides the crucial clue. 

  • Goose in the Pond. Benni finds a local storyteller's body in the lake  just before a storytelling festival she has organized.  

  • Dove in the Window.   San Celica is having a Heritage Days celebration.  Disaster strikes when talented young photographer Shelby Johnson is found dead.

  • Mariner's Compass  Benni Harper has inherited the house of Jacob Chandler.  His will requires Benni to live in the house for two weeks and to solve a mystery.

  • Seven Sisters When a distant relative is murdered, Benni investigates and discovers that the murderer may be in the family, ready to kill again.
  • Steps to the Altar.  Benni is preparing for two upcoming weddings, digging up clues to an decades-old unsolved murder-and struggling with a very personal crisis of the heart.  
Emelie Richards
  • Wedding Ring  Three generations of women discover the healing gift of family, memories and love.



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